2016 Job Fair Booth

Local 760 was part of the Knox County High School Career Day that was held at the Knoxville Expo Center on February 18, 2016. Our purpose is to reach out to future generations and provide them with the knowledge of what the IBEW has to offer. As the aging population begins to retire, many new men and women will be needed in the workforce in the coming years.

The IBEW’s purpose is to provide security for the individual, and to cultivate feelings of friendship among those in our industry and to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship. It is our obligation and duty to educate our young men and women so they understand the history and hardships of our past generations. The struggle they endured to see a higher standard of living and promote reasonable methods of work along with safety standards in the work place; to assist one another in sickness or distress, and to build a trust with the public.

The IBEW looks forward to the future and that starts here today as we meet our new generation of workers.