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Dispatch 4/20/2018

No Calls.

Dispatch 4/19/2018

We need 1 JW for BESCO report after call-out. We also need 2 JWs for G-UB-MK at Norris Hydro, report to Bull Run 7:00 am Monday.

Dispatch 4/18/2018

No Calls.

Dispatch 4/17/2018

We need 1 JW for Tennessee / Associated , this is a lower than full scale job at UT. There will be no dings for this call.

Dispatch 4/16/2018

We need 1 JW for Tennessee / Associated EL, report after callout.

Dispatch 4/13/2018

No Calls. We had 1 JW/Foreman called by name. REMINDER: Re-sign week ends Monday 16th .