PEC Joey Zachary 003It was said once, “In a world full of people who could care less, be someone who cares more.” It is never easy for anyone to put themselves out there and to voice one’s opinion. Maybe that is why as Mark Twain said. “We have two ears and one mouth. Maybe we are to listen twice as much as we speak.” It is the year of the underdog and IBEW and Local 760 member Joey Zachary is running for the State House Representative in the 38th District (Macon, Clay, Pickett, Scott and Fentress Counties) in the great state of Tennessee this year.

Joey was able to receive assistance from the COPE fund from Local 760 and we hope all of our brothers and sisters will help support Joey in his election campaign. Unity has always been the greatest strength in the IBEW; so let’s all show Joey our support for trying to make a difference for his community and having the desire to fight for changes in our political system.  Good luck to you Joey and Local 760 is proud to have you as a leader.