The I.B.E.W’s 39th Annual International Convention is only a few weeks away, and The I.B.E.W is returning home to St. Louis, Missouri where it all began with Henry Miller and the founding fathers. Donations are now being accepted to help preserve the Henry Miller boarding house at . With your donation, you can receive a commemorative T-Shirt, Brass, Copper or Silver coins, or even Decorative bricks to be displayed at the historical site. The I.B.E.W. has a proud history and has stood up for working men and women since 1891. The goals and objectives are the same today as they were back then and can still be found at the beginning in the Declaration of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Constitution. Let us continue to  keep history alive. To learn more, the Henry Miller story can also be found on youtube. 

National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America

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“The NBEW was founded in the Saint Louis boarding house where Miller was living, that building still stands today”

President Edwin Hill, The Henry Miller Story, December 14, 2009