Electrical workers on poles

So you just finished the basics of your education and now you are ready for the real world. It can be a difficult time and tough to make a decision on where to go and what to do since there are so many options out there. It is important to think carefully about your decision and one common question is; “Do I go to a college or an apprenticeship?”

One question often asked by employers is; “So what experience do you have?” This can be a very frustrating question for many who just graduated college because although they got a degree they still have not gained any experience in the work force. Four years later a college graduate can find themselves back at square one. An apprenticeship on the other hand is designed for you to gain experience and learn a skilled trade all at the same time. Employers offer the training and skills while at the same time you are already earning a paycheck, receiving benefits, such as healthcare, and start saving for your retirement. Within a few short years you will have made yourself in demand. Skilled labor will always be needed in the world, and you will have no college debt to pay off. Instead you will have money in your pocket and a skill to last you your entire career.

Apprenticeships and employers want the best people they can find. They require the hard workers, problem solvers and the critical thinkers. They want people who desire to become leaders in their communities and valuable resources to their employers. Safety and quality are priority one as well as helping one another to achieve a higher standard of living for all. An Apprenticeship is a great alternative to college. Why become a servant studying theory when you can use your own hands, learn a skill and become your own master?