Steward Training Class Group

Local 760 and Business Manager Tim Tate would like to thank the IO Representatives Janet Schwingshakl, from the IBEW Education Department, and Charles Rains, from IBEW’s 10th District, for their expertise and instruction during this year’s Steward Class Training at Local 760. The Union Steward can be one of the most thankless jobs; but it probably is the most vital contact between employees and their union.

Union Stewards have been the backbone of the labor movement for generations. They act as the model of fairness, they accept the responsibility of understanding their contract, have a basic knowledge of legal guidelines, OSHA laws, and investigate and follow proper grievance procedures. They also take on many other roles and work as a coordinator as well as an organizer.

A good Union Steward can deal with each person as an individual as well as communicate the goals of the company as a whole to their union brothers and sisters. They must set the standards for quality craftsmanship, efficient production, and promote a safety conscious attitude at all times in the workplace. These good training and education principals will ensure the IBEW will remain strong and continue to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions for our members, their families, and dependents.