Rules and Guidelines:

High school graduates age 17-21 entering his or her first year of study in a state accredited college or university with the objective of obtaining a minimum of a two year degree. (not vocational schools)

Member of or birth-child, legally adopted child or step-children, whose parent or grandparent is a member in good standing of a local union in good standing with the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council, or a child has lived in the household of the above described union member for more than 3years (verification required) and depends on that member for his or her financial obligations. A letter from local union principle officer verifying of the applicant, applicant’s parent or grandparent’s current membership in good standing required. Member must remain in good standing for a minimum of one year after scholarship is awarded or repay the amount of the scholarship upon withdrawal of membership for the local union. The only exception may be employer closing business, rare instances of termination, transfer, or death. Exceptions must be approved by an executive board’s recommendation of approval.

Look on webpage in February for me details about this scholarship.