♦ Deadline May 18, 2020 ♦

Eligibility Requirements:

High school graduates age 17-21 entering his or her first year of study in a state accredited college or university with the objective of obtaining a minimum of a two year degree (not vocational schools).

Member of or birth-child, legally adopted child or step-children, whose parent or grandparent is a member in good standing of a local union in good standing with the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council, or a child has lived in the household of the above described union member for more than 3 years (verification required) and depends on that member for his or her financial obligations. A letter from local union principle officer verifying of the applicant, applicant’s parent or grandparent’s current membership in good standing required. Member must remain in good standing for a minimum of one year after scholarship is awarded or repay the amount of the scholarship upon withdrawal of membership for the local union. The only exception may be employer closing business, rare instances of termination, transfer, or death. Exceptions must be approved by an executive board’s recommendation of approval.

Application Process:

Application and a typed or hand written, five hundred-word essay on “What Labor Unions Mean to My Family will determine the winner of the 1st place $5,000.00 scholarship, 2nd place $2,000.00 scholarship, and 3rd place $1,000.00 scholarship. References must be properly recorded on the essay.

After scholarship applications are made available the applicant will have 6 weeks to prepare his/her essay and deliver it, along with an application, to a previously determined location, which will be indicated on application. Strict time lines (dates) will be set and followed; absolutely no exceptions will be made. The person receiving the applications may change from year to year.

The application for said scholarship is enclosed. Deadline for application and essay will be May 18, 2020, and must be mailed to TN AFL-CIO Labor Council ATTN: Pat White, 1901 Lindell Avenue, Nashville, TN  37203.

Upon receipt of the student’s application and essay the receiver will assign a number that will be clearly marked on each page of the application and the essay. DO NOT PUT NAMES ON OR IN THE ESSAY. ESSAYS WITH NAMES WRITTEN ON THEM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

For additional information about the scholarship and access to the scholarship application form, please visit the AFL-CIO website here: